The story of a unique marriage

The little girl of one of our inaccessible family members was hitched to their first kid. The customs and functions of the moms and the henna had been played out, the settlement was conveyed to the little girl’s dad in-law and the awful merchandise were conveyed to them. At that point, on a similar stormy day, around eleven o’clock, the kid, the husband to be, was captured by the police on charges of having a place with a political association and inclusion in a damage activity under his sponsorship. Also, it was moved to an obscure area.

On account of the young men, there was a line of grieving in the young lady’s home when Kahram Macha. The young lady swooned from the stun of the occurrence and needed to give and take. At that point a nearby relative of the couple talked with one another and showed up with the relationship of their child who was likewise their first youngster and it has not been chosen at this point. His folks’ choice incorporated his full assent, yet he had recently accompanied them. The panchayat sat and after some consultation the relationship was endorsed. At that point some essential buys were made for both the lady of the hour and lucky man as indicated by the day of the downpour.

At that point at night the wedding occurred by its booked timetable. The lone contrast was that the man of the hour had changed. Close family members were educated regarding the suddenness as expected, yet inaccessible and notable companions were paralyzed when they showed up to go to the service and learned of the issue, and the husband to be and his folks were stunned. They were stunned at a particularly extraordinary choice. Without a doubt, he had set an illustration of high resolve and resistance and had saved a guiltless young lady from being mortified in this merciless society while hanging tight for her chance to save her from being rebuffed for what she had done.

We don’t have the foggiest idea what befallen this first kid later, else we would have composed.

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